Your needs are distinct and unique.  Your collection service should be too.

Over 100 Healthcare Professional Groups

In over 20 States and growing


Our specialists understand the relationship our clients have with affiliated facilites.  We realize that our actions affect the relationship with both the consumer and the facilities our physician/client are contracted with.

Maximize Billing Dollars Collected in a timely manner


  • Whether you do your own billing or outsource - our processes are geared to almost eliminate the need for involvement from your billing staff once an account is listed with our company.
  • Refunds - If the consumer pays directly and another party (i.e. insurance company) pays we handle all refund processing.
  • In-house seminars/training - Whether it's one-on-one or group training, we come to your office and provide your staff with multiple tools to help them make collections more efficient and profitable.
  • Questions answered and consulting - always free.
  • Outsourcing and pre-collect options - From auto messages done in your name to calls done by one of our collectors in your name, to letters sent in your name, we offer several options for your consideration. It is our goal to help you maintain a positive relationship with your clients.


    OAC Collection Specialist BBB Business Review           ACA International member for professional collection services             Radiology Business Management Association 2016 Corporate Partner